About Us

JAJPUR occupies a very important position in the social, historical, economic and mythological scenario of the State. During the pre-Mahabharat age, it was well known for its Brahmanism and was named from the word “Yajna” being performed here by the ‘Lord Brahma’. Afterwards also the place was one of the important centre for Budhist cult, the remains of which is visible at Lalitgiri and Ratnagiri. Since 5th Century Jajpur was famous for Siva as well as Sakti Aradhana. It was also Captal of the then Orissa during the reign of Jajati Keshari. The Dasaswamedha Ghat, the Boudha Bihars. Maa Biraja Temple, Subha Stambha and many other sculptures are the witness in this respect.

Again during the British Rule, the district was not at back foot. Alka Ashram of Bari was one of the prominent centres to implement all the policies of Freedom Fight in the leadership of Gopabandhu Choudhury, Ramadevi and many others. In the independent Orissa, Jajpur was regarded as one of the oldest Municipality of the State. Now-a-days, Jajpur is growing ahead rapidly to be the industrial hub of this State in the near future.

Being the headquarters of the district, Jajpur Town deserves a coordinated attention for its development. Such development can be achieved through the co-ordinated effort of different Public, Semi-public organizations and active participation of general public of JAJPUR.

To regulate the haphazard growth and to accelerate the healthy and planned development of the Town, a Master Plan has been framed by Town Planning Unit, Jajpur under the guidance of this Directorate for the plan period ending in 2011. Due to scarcity of developable Government land within the Municipal limit, it was difficult to accommodate all the aspirations of the public of the District Headquarters town in the Master Plan. However some primary requirements have found place in it leaving the rest to be provided in the process of the revision of the above Master Plan.

It is pleasing to observe that the implementation of some of the proposals laid down in this report, such as widening of river embankment and canal embankment construction of Biju Pattnaik Marg, construction of Women’s College etc. have already started in the meanwhile.

I expect that the public of Jajpur will extend their whole hearted co-operation in the implementation of all the proposals of Master Plan for achieving a balanced Urban Development of the Town.